Save time and money with the Design-Build method

Design-Build is a team approach, bringing together the design professional, the builder and the owner. The Design-Build team at Highlander Construction & Development is comprised of our certified design & drafting professional, our lead estimator,
a project manager, a site superintendent, and our selections coordinator. Each member of the team brings a unique emphasis and expertise to the custom design and building process. Collectively, the Design-Build team will help you realize your vision and make it a reality.

Pros of the Design-Build Method

Single Source Responsibility:

  • Client looks to a single company to design and construct the project and only has to depend on one source for satisfactory,
    timely and on budget completion.
  • Greater efficiency and cooperation and less conflict.
  • Better project for the time and money invested.

Cost Control:

  • By working closely with the design-builder the owner builds a higher level of trust and rapport.
  • The design-builder takes on the responsibility of protecting the budget as the design happens.
  • The owner can exercise his/her desired degree of control over the design, with the added advantage of knowing the cost implications of each decision as they happen.
  • Lower engineering, surveying and other professional fees.

Quality Control:

  • Quality of the design and construction of the project can happen by default if the team is working "together" to meet the client’s requirements.
  • The lines of communication are simplified and chances of misunderstandings are reduced.
  • Quality is maintained through real solutions and the discovery of most problems before starting.

Quick Delivery Time:

  • The client is able to save time and trouble by dealing with as single source.
  • Bidding periods and redesign time is eliminated.
  • Overall time can be reduced because design and construction activities can overlap.

Traditional Methods:

  • Traditional methods usually involve engaging an architect to design your home or purchasing plans from a magazine or an on-line vendor. These methods can be costly and time consuming, especially when you want to make modifications
    or changes.
  • Architects generally do a fine job, but they lack the practical field experience of taking their designs from concept to reality.
  • Because architects do not bid and order materials nor assemble those materials in the field, they have difficulty in generating accurate estimates, value engineering systems within the house to save cost, and producing precise schedules.

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