Construction Business & Organizational Consulting

Companies grow and evolve as they mature. Highlander Construction & Development offers a variety of business & organizational consulting services to guide companies related to the building & construction industry through the process.

Corporate Planning

  • Advice on corporate structure, enacting proper By Laws, the election and responsibilities of a Board of Directors, the format and frequency of meetings of the Board of Directors, and the soliciting investment for growth and capital purchases
  • The development of a formal business plan with 2 and 5 year goals and objectives (which should be updated annually)

Sales & Marketing

  • The development of a formal sales and marketing plan
  • The development of a company portfolio to include: the business plan, the sales and marketing plan, the company chart of organization, job descriptions and bio information on key employees, and current financial statements
  • The development of a current company Chart of Organization with projections for anticipated future growth

Human Resources
Development of human resources and safety documents including:

  • Specific job descriptions for all current and future positions including bench marks to measure success and progress
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Safety & Control Loss Programs
  • Compensation guidelines and incentive bonuses for key employees
  • Solicitation and interview procedures for new employees including background checks
  • Standard offer letters
  • Reprimand systems and supporting documentation
  • Employee evaluation systems with tailored evaluations for key employees
  • Employer evaluations to solicit confidential feedback from key employees which may increase moral, efficiency, and profitability

Accounting and Financials
Development of accounting and financial plans including:

  • Chart of accounts to track job costing
  • Formal estimating process
  • Overhead budgets
  • Job reviews including job cost variances
  • Accounting procedures
  • Accurate company financials and spreadsheets which detail WIP and important financial ratios
  • Master company calendar

Other services as may be requested and needed.